Hope is The Start to Great Things


Group gets tasked to help Commander Akbar

The scene opens up on a secret Rebel Facility. Zooms into a conference room/war room with members of the Rebellion High Command discussing recent events.
Outside in a very Spartan waiting room there are the members of a recently established Strike Force, made up of: Vornn minsk (a man calamari padawan lost in time), Owen (a punk 16 year old human mechanic savant), Deban Jons (an aging clone trooper) and Voka Reireek ( a cocky Rodian Pilot). After a short amount of time waiting they are brought into the room and tasked with their first Mission. They are to go to the Roche Asteroid Field and deliver a data disk to Commander Akbar. He is there working on the new B-wing prototype and needs this vital info. You are to only deliver it to Commander Akbar and nobody else. Successful completion of the Mission will give the group a payout of 15,000 cr each.
The group of course agrees and heads out on their YT-1930 Boca Caliente. As they come out of the Roche Asteroid field they are greeted by a trio of tie fighters. They destroyed one with laser fire, and then a fancy bit of flying caused the other two to crash. They give the secret passcode “Bantha Pudu” and are let in. Landing on the top secret base, they see the hustle and bustle of the native Verpines, who are excited about seeing a type of ship that is new to them and proceed to bombard them with tech questions and performance questions. They encountered an unfriendly aide “Lt. Asshole”. When Deban Jons refuses he goes ballistic, threatening them any way it seems like he can. When Dumbass hears this, he intervenes and brings the group to see Admiral Akbar, who plays the chip. Listening to Mon Mothma, they are tasked with getting Admiral Akbar safely to a new location because someone on Akbars staff is a Imperial Spy. At this moment, an Imperial shuttle makes a violent landing in the hanger bay and disgorges storm troopers. Most of the group holds off the advancing troopers while Akbar downloads the B-wing information.
After a furious firefight that Voka Reireek is taken down, Deban Jons is nearly dead but still manages to escape with his comrade’s body. Owen does a great job keeping the Imps off Commander Akbar, managing to keep them back long enough to download the info and escape. Vornn minsk reminds the Imperials why Jedi were feared as warriors, managing to single handedly hold back a flood of troopers. Sadly it appeared that Dumbass sacrificed himself to give the rest a chance to escape.
The lifeboat takes them to the Verpine HQ, where they are told there is an imperial blockade keeping them from escaping. The only armed ships are some B-wing prototypes and the group’s ship, all of which are back on the base. The group used a strange asteroid hopper from the Verpine to sneak to the base, narrowly squeaking past a pair of vigilant tie pilots. They crept in through an airlock. The group managed to kill a few technicians and set up the demo charges that will destroy the facility ( Deban Jons however, set them for 3 minute rather then 5).
Sneaking back towards the hanger bay, Owen tripped on a piece of grate and everything went crazy, exchanging fire in several corridors. At the start of violence, Jons stepped up behind a strom trooper who was making coffee and stabbed him. As the trooper fell, Jons threw him at another trooper, entangling him so he could shoot him. The group slowly pushed their way towards the hanger. Dumbass hears the commotion and breaks free from his captors, running for the hanger. The storm troopers and Asshole chase him. While this is going on, Jons dives into one of the B-wings and Dumbass jumps in the other. Vornn ripped a catwalk out from under a group of storm troopers with an E-web and slashes partly through the barrel. The team fires it anyway, causing a massive explosion. Vornn then runs onto the group’s ship and powers it up. Voka and Owen run around the side of the ship and fire at a small group of storm troopers while Jons takes off in his B-wing. Vornn defends the ship while Owen and Voka run inside. One of the troopers takes a lucky shot and knocks Voka down and out, and then Vornn closes the ship and attacks the storm trooper and Asshole who made it inside. Owen straps himself into his seat and, upon hearing Vornn go down, locks all the doors. Owen blasts out of the hanger on afterburner, slaughtering the rest of the troopers in the bay and turns off the gravity and inertial dampers to make for an extremely rough ride for the enemies on the ship. Jons takes the fight to the weak point in the blockade, proving how amazing the B-wing is. As he gets caught in the tractor beam, Owen rams his opponent, trying to knock the tractor beam off target. Dumbass realizes he can actually do something rather than hide with the Verpine fleet. He tips the balance and takes out the ship. After that, the Verpine fleet and the group escape after hearing a lovley message from one Captain Kolaff and after a couple of random jumps, make it to the rendezvous point. With the mission completed and was paid 20,000 credits each.

Asshole = Betraying Aide/ Lt.Gleck
Dumbass = Human With Goatee/Lt. Pollaroid



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