Captain Kolaff

High Ranking Imperial Officer who has it in for the group of heros.


Had the group captured and put on his personal Star Destroyer. He then put the group of rebels through some of his test that he personally designed to make them soldiers. At the end he faced off with one of the Rebels on AT-ST hoping to finish them all of easily. He was soon destroyed in his AT-ST… or was he?

All the group knows about him is that he has it out for them and will do anything nessesary to make them pay.


Kolaff is a captain of the Victory-class Star Destroyer Subjugator. Through the use of an Imperial spy (aka Salin Glek), he discovered the Shantipole Research Station, where the B-wing was being developed, and intended to acquire them for the Empire. Despite sending four Corvettes and several transports to seize the project, he failed.

Captain Kolaff

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