Lira Blissex

She is married to a Imperial Moff and is a very great engineer like her farther.


Owen met this pretty lady in the groups ship and shot her in the face!!!!! She got out of the ship through the escape pod that Owen BLEW UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She lied about having cancer to kidnap her father. She is a very sick person.


Lira Wessex née Blissex was the daughter of famous Galactic Republic engineer Walex Blissex, and an accomplished engineer in her own right. When she was still Lira Blissex, she designed the Venator-class Star Destroyer for the Galactic Republic, later using her success on that project and the political power she gained with her marriage to future Imperial Moff Denn Wessex to push her grand project, the Imperial-class Star Destroyer, into production. Against a storm of controversy, Wessex was vindicated when the Imperial-class proved successful. In later years, she further improved on her design with the creation of the Executor-class Star Dreadnought.

Lira Blissex

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