Voka Reireek

Rodian, Scout


Voka is typically a subtle and calm rodian who is friendly towards those he can trust but can easily change his outward personality to that of complete seriousness and intimidation when the depending on the situation. He loves to drink his native Rodia ale but only to the point of being buzzed, he prefers to stay self-concious. He has a high distrust to any stranger he meets and only trusts those who prove themselves. When the scent of a Kenu clan member comes by, Voka can immediately notice who and naturally has the urge to confront him/her due to the nature of the Bomu clan. He possesses a subtle mood of calmness when by himself or when speaking to others. Voka can sometimes crack a joke or two generally as an insult. Voka passionately hates those who kill under cold blood and wishes to bring justice to such criminals but feels limited under the restraints of the authority during his time as an Equator City officer. Voka had a troubled childhood back in the day and he often avoids touching upon his past and rather focuses on the future. He feels pains of anguish when he sees scenarios that remind him of the death of his sister and often pushes his self-esteem down.


Due to a new requirement drive Voka Has been assigned to fly with the best of the best. He has been placed in the Rogue Squadron for his ability to fly large space craft like they were interceptors. Before he goes he tells the group that he had a fun little one mission run with them and would fight with them again one day! He turns and walks away from the group by lighting up one of is infamous cigars…

Voka Reireek

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