Character Creation

Start at Level 3, Can be any race in a book (No races from outside material unless I approve it)

28 point build all stats start at 10.

No Stat over 18 unless the race you choose has a plus to the stat. May go higher when you have level up, or if you have some item that raises a stat.

Languages are in effect, this means for example if you choose a Wookie, the rest of the party may not understand a word you say.

So I’m opening all books for feats, talents and equipment; except Jedi source book, galaxy at war (will open later) Legacy era book, unknown regions. Let me know if you think this is unfair and a reason.

Max Hp and max starting wealth.

The Rebel Alliance will give you ONE starting weapon of your choice (no mods or anything on the weapon); spend the rest of your credits on everything else you need. You only allowed to buy Military items and downward, NO illegal. The Rebel Alliance is also giving you a stock Yt-1930, to use on your operations and such. Also, remember you might want to have some back up weapons on hand if you need to go through a seedy planet, so you don’t get thrown in jail for not have allowed weapons or licenses.

Character Creation

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